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tv   The Ingraham Angle  FOX News  June 1, 2021 12:00am-1:00am PDT

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get a lot of reaction to our review interview with president trump and exclusive reporting about unrest going on in america's cities and of course the never ending crisis at our southern border. please set your dvr so you never miss an episode, but in the meantime, let not your heart be troubled. laura ingraham takes it away. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ >> laura: i'm laura ingraham and this is a laura: i'm laura in the bedroom with a special version of the in the graham angle, cleveland and the biden administration it is important to take stock in where we stand today as a nation, parents being shamed for not wearing masks, children forced to despise this country we love so much in our leaders trying to divide us based on race and ethnicity. none of this is okay and that is
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why red states are fighting back. i was lucky enough to host a townhall with five gop governors who each with their constituents needs and freedoms above all else. tonight we bring you highlights from that but first we're winning, that is the focus of tonight's first angle. democrats got too cockier the past year and especially since biden stumbled into the white house. i think they thought beating trump meant they had a mandate to radically remake the us so red states would bow down to the gloom gang and sign on to -- south dakota, iowa, tennessee and so many others leading the way to a brighter more hopeful future than the democrats can offer whether it is school curricula or girl sports, covid mandates or ballot integrity
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measures, taxes. passing smart legislation. there running strong candidates and in some cases filing lawsuits all with a very confident forward-looking posture. of the week in the washington post reveal their worry about democrats chances in 2022. a growing list of house democrats from competitive districts is headed to the exit setting another concern for a party facing a full fight to maintain control of congress. by the way if you wonder what america would look like if democrats really have their way look no further than germany. last year liberals were holding up germany as a model of competence, covid management. now in the middle of another lockdown, that is where germany is, it is fully may but germany has canceled october 1st. more americans are seeing what we warned about so long ago that liberals will never really be comfortable with you getting all
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your freedom back, they are going to dangle the prospect of getting back to normal but only if you get your shots. democrats want you to choose between giving your child the drug they don't need in order to get an education they desperately do need. parents will have difficult decisions to make and dedication will rightly be pursued and there will be many difficulties ahead for families but there is no doubt that republicans are beginning to win again and it is making pelosi and schumer very very nervous. they should have ever bow down to the far left on things like border policy or climate change, race or anything else for that matter. it is all been a disaster for them but as the curtain is slowly being pulled back on their plans i expect they are going to desperately try to market their plans as pragmatic and inclusive. red state leaders are showing up, we don't need to spend
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trillions of dollars in new money to growing economy, just need to open up and get the government off our backs and that is the angle. since the pandemic began republican governors have ups -- outpaced the republican counterparts, the lowest unemployment rates, the highest gdp growth, red state governors cared for their constituents and preserved our god-given freedom and when they had to restored them. others were eager to take them away. joining you in the free state of florida in orlando and you can see most of the audience is maskless because the governor of this state, ron desantis, one of the first state leaders to fight
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back against the experts and never impose a statewide mask mandate, thank you for hosting us tonight, so delighted all of you are here tonight. we will have a great time, so i left this texas governor greg abbott, who stated as second highest gdp growth and that is because he put his constituents and the economic well-being first and along with us is iowa governor tim reynolds because her state was one of the first to open up schools for in person learning, also here nebraska governor pete ricketts, his state tied the lowest unemployment rate in the country at 2.9% and our final red state trailblazer mississippi governor kate reed, one of the first to lift the statewide mask mandate and the state will soon use restrictions on all indoor activities as well, these are your red state trailblazers, give them a round of applause, all five.
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tonight this is going to be kind of wild. . a lot of topics but talk to them about how they let their state, the way they led them, strategies they decided to use, communication, policy, to preserve economic freedom and advance the freedom that we have all become accustomed to having but others were eager to take away. don't think this is limited to covid. it is not. we will discuss how they plan to combat the steps injection of race into every argument, the anti-police agenda, ever to indoctrinate our children's how democrats in washington are looking to strip hours from the states completely, nothing is off-limits tonight. you are so young. we have not had meetings between the covid task force in this white house and the governors and the number of you governors, what is going on, the trump administration had regular briefings, multiple times a week led by vice president pence. is this a concern for you and --
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>> it is a concern for me and the reason is a concern for me because donald trump was on 9 different calls throughout the pandemic, vice president pence led 40 calls personally and that is one of the things that made a difference because we were able to talk to those in the decision-making process and the fact is we in red states trust americans. the biden administration wants to assume americans can't make their own decisions or do what is best for themselves or their families and that's the wrong approach and if you look at economics and quality-of-life statistics across america it bears itself out. laura: governor desantis lauren patterson has a question. >> how are you this evening. human beings have a right to free movement and not have daily activities infringed upon how our state representatives going
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to handle it private companies try to enforce vaccine passports? >> great question and i'm proud to be the first elected official in the country to say we are not having vaccine passports in the state of florida and not just saying government can't make you, private businesses can't make you because here's the thing, you have a right to participate in society without them asking you to divulge this type of health information to go to a movie or a ballgame so we are applying across the board, state legislature, executive order is temporary, legislature passed what i ask for and i will be signing that into law very soon. laura: governor reynolds i saw you nodding in agreement. colletta vaccine certificate because that passport language is so scary to people. better if it is a certificate and also all good. >> we are doing the same thing in iowa.
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i said to the legislature issuing an executive order and give the legislature an opportunity to pass legislation to ban vaccine passports. it passes through the house i should have it on my desk next week. it marginalized society, here or be marginalized, that is ridiculous, not who we are as americans. laura: excuse me if i don't get a right, question about the mandates for masks. >> i would like to ask how the mask mandate could be conditioning the american people for other policies down the line. >> certainly a concern all of us have. when you look at what we did in our state we haven't had a statewide mask mandate in place and the beginning of the summer of last year and part of the reason we look at it at that time was the fact that we didn't know what we didn't know at that
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time but is data became more apparent, every decision i made throughout the pandemic has been data based and based on the numbers and as governor ricketts said earlier it is not just about total number of cases but hospitalizations. at the peak we had 1444 mississippians in hospital beds, today less than 170 so we are down 90% from our peak and our hospital capacity was able to handle the 1444 that we had and so there's no doubt there are those on the far left of the democrat party who believe government should control all decisions made by all-americans and that is something we have to be willing and able to stand up and push back against in your concern about masks being that first step is valid and one that we should pay close attention to. laura: another concern for mothers, i am a mother of 3 children is youngest children will be required to get vaccinated in schools, we are
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talking kindergarten up and i believe doctor fauci said our kids have to get vaccinated against covid. your position on this, private schools and public schools in your state. >> i came out early on similar to what governor abbott was saying, these are emergency use authorization that we should be mandated to get a vaccine. laura: even at school. >> this is emergency use authorization was one of the things we know about young kids is they are the ones least at risk, we look at our data in nebraska and you are twice as likely to have a fatal car accident as you are to have a fatal outcome from covid if you are young child. it would be completely unnecessary a huge violation of parental rights, telling them they had to do this. laura: what about flying? what about airlines? florida is a home for airlines, huge airline travel, in the orlando airport. what if airlines begin requiring
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vaccine certificates? >> they are not going to be able to do it in the state of florida, there will be statutory very soon. we work hard to get it, we did seniors first on the vaccine, never required but offered it, millions of people, you have the opportunity to take it, it is there for you, take it if you want to take it, protect yourself. but we are not going to condition this. it's not going to be like you are part of the club -- there are some people who have valid reasons for not doing it, some people decided not to, to say they can't participate in society based on that decision particularly given younger people are simply had very little risk for this and so we can't go down that road, give them an inch they will take a mile. laura: one issue where biden does not think covid is a big issue is at the border. here he was last night.
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>> i kept my commitments and a comprehensive immigration bill, if you leave the pathway to citizenship acid and 11 million undocumented folks supports the christian -- support discretion for dreamers. laura: legal immigration, we all know it, the media is not covering it. what is your message to the biden administration just on what we learned yesterday about the number of covid positive migrants being released into our communities. >> that is one challenge but i got to tell you this was the biden first 100 days has been very successful for the cartels, the drug smugglers, the human traffickers are profiteering off of all the migrants who come across the border illegally and because so many migrants are come across the border illegally what it means is the border patrol officers are fully occupy
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processing all these migrants leaves open miles of border the cartels can come across and that is why i launched operation lone star. we've deployed a 1000 department of public safety troops as well as national guard to our borders to secure our border from the people coming across. so here's what we want to do. texas will secure the border and the biden administration will pay for it. >> you have said definitively that you will not take migrant children the federal government has requested to be placed in i communities. you are getting pushback from all the usual groups on that the republicans are heartless, don't care about the kids, don't care about the needs of the greater country. your response. >> the administration is heartless, they created this crisis at the border.
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there putting these children at risk by the policies they eliminated that we all know were working. i'm the governor of the state of iowa and mineable one responsibility is to protect the health and safety of i sent it would be irresponsible for me not to keep that in the forefront. >> coming up the left has been pushing the big lie that america is systemically racist. up next the red sea trailblazers, how they are fighting this in their own states, stay there. and honest bidding site. we sold an ipad worth $505 for less than $24. a stand mixer for less than $20. a 4k television for under $2. a macbook pro for under $16. as well as a playstation 4 for under $16. and brand new cars for less than $900. offers hundreds of auctions every day. all auctions start at $0 and everything must go. and
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♪ ♪ >> laura: the big lie about america. >> the big lie about america, that is the focus of tonight's angle. >> america has a long history of systemic racism. black americans and black men in particular have been treated throughout the course of our history as less than human. >> we can't stop your. we can't and we must do more to reduce the likelihood of tragedy like this will ever happen again. this takes acknowledging and confronting head on systemic racism, and the racial disparities that exist in policeing and are, justice system. >> that is the big lie, systemic racism.
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did resident biden always believed the nation was racist to its core. did he believe this when barack obama and he were elected not once but twice, historic elections. did that do nothing to remove this stain in our nation's soldiers what about the 1965 civil rights act. did he believe he presided over a country where law enforcement is essentially a racist killing machine? who knows? even if he's not one making calls on this he is mouthing the words but do not think for a nanosecond that the left-wing media and activists who went on and on today about george floyd were worried about justice, they are not focused on the tragedy of george floyd because for them
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he was just a steppingstone to tearing down america. they have to convince all black americans that the police hate them and will never be fair to them and the same activists, the same media people, you know who they are, feel justified in conflating floyd's case with every other one involving an african-american and law enforcement. minnesota's attorney general keith ellison, an officer of the court, he knows it is wrong and nonsensical to generalize across disparate fact patterns, different types of evidence, totally different cases but he does it anyway. >> we have seen rodney king, oscar grant, eric garner, michael brown, freddie gray, sandra bland, flandreau castillo, laquan mcdonald, stéphane clark, deanna jefferson, breonna taylor and now daunte wright and adam toledo. this has to steve, the work of our generation is to put a end
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to jim crow and centuries of trauma and finally put a end to racism. >> that is a lot about goal, that is what we all want, but they cling to the big lie and want to reprogram all of america to believe justice isn't served when just one individual pays for criminal wrongdoing. for them, punishment has to be wide reaching and never-ending. >> one down, many many more to go. >> a cultural makeup call but i'm not happy. i'm not please, i don't have any sense of satisfaction. i don't think this is a good thing. >> this verdict is not justice. frankly i don't even think we call it full accountability.
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laura: the left is always commit to use this case and any instance of white cops having that interactions with black americans to reinforce the same big lie that america is systemically racist, a country where black people are targeted and in constant danger, they can never get ahead. so that line, what does it do, drives us apart and sends so many americans to their respective corners and cuts off conversation, also warps thinking. check out the study involving perceptions about racism races -- versus reality, statistics show 5 times more black americans killed in traffic accidents plan in encounters with the police but because of the relentlessly negative narrative peddled by politicians and the press the public is woefully uninformed. >> in 10 black americans said that they believe young black men are more likely to die in
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police shootings and traffic accident last. blacks who voted for donald trump in 2020 were far less likely to believe police shootings claim more young black lives in traffic accidents but among those who voted for president biden, 81% were wrong. being told the big lie, this is staggering. imagine holding such a terribly dark view of the united states, your country but no one cares about the facts, this is always going to be about emotions, images, bumper stickers, placards, shouting, yelling at people in restaurants, but woke political posturing at the moment. i think most americans see what the left is doing here and it is not going to work. most just want to live in peace and freedom, they want a shot at prosperity and their kids to have a decent education and i think most want the government
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to get off their backs, stop lecturing us about how we need to evolve and change our language in order to satisfy the woke warrior class. people of all races and creeds deserve the truth from their political leaders and today president biden showed us that on the issue of justice and race he is just incapable of telling it to us and that is the angle. >> i don't think america is a racist country but we do have to speak truth about the history of racism in our country and its existence today. i applaud the president for having the ability and courage to speak the truth about it. one of the greatest threats to national security is domestic terrorism manifested by white supremacists. these are issues we must confront. >> that is what you're facing, an outbreak of white supremacy? it sounds like that when you hear vice president harris. >> that's not the single greatest threat to our safety and security in nebraska.
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looking at the last year, the real threat to security is the dangerous defund the police movement which is in sends states undermining law enforcement and when i talk to my county prosecutors, law enforcement, arms the worst is folks in the minority communities because they know that the police are there to help them. we've got to change this narrative with regard to law enforcement. it's never been harder to be a law enforcement official right now. we need to support our police, not attack our police. laura: governor desantis signed into law the antiriot legislation, pro-law-enforcement bill but the aclu is saying that the bill would silence and criminalize floridians who want
12:28 am
to exercise the first amendment right to peacefully protest, you're going after peaceful protesters, aren't you in the aclu is very angry. >> interesting they would say that. would be does a couple things, local government tries to defund law enforcement the state of florida will not let that happen, we will stand by law enforcement, we also will make local governments protect folks, if you do have a riot you need to protect people, people consider the local government for their damage to themselves and their property and if you write, if you look, if your file and in one of these assemblies we will put you in jail period. >> i want to play something the vice president said about law enforcement. >> we've seen justice on the neck of black americans which we have come together. to rebuild trust between law enforcement and the people they serve, to root out systemic racism in the justice system and enact police reform in george
12:29 am
floyd's name. laura: activists say it is criminal to say there is not systemic racism in the country, that video of george floyd, other law enforcement involved shootings of african-american men, the video plays and unrest often erupt. your reaction to what he claims about the systemic racism? >> there is not systemic racism in america. we live in the greatest country in the history of mankind and in mississippi i was very proud of the fact that last year we had peaceful protesters but not one event in which there was a ride and the reason is in our state we back the blue. we support the police. last friday in mississippi, dedicating the new police station that had a large training facility. we are not trying to defund the police, we are investing in our police because we know we are indebted to them by keeping our communities safe.
12:30 am
>> how do we recruit young men and women to go into law enforcement if they know during a peaceful protest someone will come up to them an inch from their face, spit at them which i think is an assault, call them every name in the book come a milliliter away or club in the back of the head, they could become heroes in this society today. how do you recruit people? >> your question is the right question because if you look at cities across america right now police officers are retiring and quitting and cities will be less safe, they do something few of us do, they put their life on the line to protect you. they need to be supported, criticized or condemned, we must support law enforcement to make sure we are able to hire law enforcement. >> the left's ambitious and pernicious plan to indoctrinate your children against america. it is happening in schools next.
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>> welcome to fox news life. amendment continues for three masked gunmen who opened fire early sunday, the point two men and injured two others, surveillance video shows 3 people getting out of that white suv that was later found submerged in a canal eight miles from the banquet hall. police say it was reported stolen two weeks ago. a huge american flag and several smaller flags were stolen at los angeles national cemetery, the flag went missing sometime late sunday or early monday at the time the cemetery gates were closed. volunteers is it usually takes three people to handle 25 to 30 foot flag. it is being invested by veterans affairs police. now back to the ingraham angle for your headlines, have a good morning.
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>> reading, writing and inciting, that is the focus of tonight's angle. >> young people especially are being whipped into a frenzy buying irresponsible media and their biased reporting, on social media it is happening and in schools. into the biden education department, today proposed a rule urging the development of culturally responsive teaching in american history and civics and holding up the widely discredited new york times 1619 project as a model. the big lie is that america is systemically racist country and they go from there. this is being echoed in schools nationwide and referenced earlier on friday, we told you about the marxist indoctrination happening at the elite stoneridge school in bethesda,
12:38 am
maryland, public schools just as bad, take nearby langley high school and affluent mclean suburb of dc, students in the learning from home for the better part of the year and yet this is how principal kim greer welcomes them back to campus. despite the jubilation we feel about returning to in person learning the pandemic is and framed by social strife. one year ago our country supported the black lives matter movement and names like breonna taylor and george floyd. the whole country supported black lives matter? okay. students were also asked to complete an online survey written by three langley teachers. i asked someone of a different race where they are from. in response to blm and salvations i have wondered what about other racial groups, shouldn't we care about them as well. yes or no.
12:39 am
i believe privilege based on skin color is a myth the chicken that is a yes or no. i refer to the coronavirus as the china virus before. i have tried speaking english with an accent, for example setting us, etc. yes or no and this is my favorite. i think my asian peers are really good at math. saying yes to that is really bad. at the end of the survey students are instructed that if they answered yes to any of those questions that could be considered a micro-aggression. if that wasn't bad enough students were then told to watch videos from something called hashtag let's talk bias. >> protesting a couple days ago
12:40 am
in town and this black man stopped me, we were holding a black lives matter sign and he says it is starts with you guys can put your bodies in front of us and stand up. i'm very androgynous in the way i dress and express myself. i've gotten threatening looks, those vibes like trying to explain to people what are you talking about, they are afraid of what they don't know so trying to figure me out, is she a boy or girl? >> i identify as transgender nonconforming. i basically wake up and every single day is a little gender reveal party. when i go to work and have to wear a uniform with a tire, one or 2 things to express my gender. >> a bunch of black people getting choked out and abused and it wasn't taped but this is going on for decades, locked up for no reason and the whole lot.
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>> this is a product of schools moving toward cultural authenticity and education in the biden administration is going all in. you hear words like allyship, something the left claims white children need to do, described in the langley literature as a lifelong process in which people with privilege and power develop empathy toward other marginalized groups, challenges or issues. empathy is always good across the board, but here is weapon ice, nondiverse students are being taught to remain silent. don't complain, certainly don't complain if you lose out on jobs, scholarships a college admissions when diversity, equity and inclusion is at stake. join the fight in the streets and maybe, just maybe you will get some social justice credit on your resume. unless parents start getting really vocal and saying no, you will not subject my kids to racial litmus tests we are going
12:42 am
to continue to see the situation deteriorate in our schools and ultimately that spills into the streets. i will end with one of my favorite quotes about the types of people pushing this nonsense, so-called intelligentsia. a great majority of the so-called educated people do not think logically and scientifically. even the press, the classroom, the platform, the pulpit in many instances do not give us objective and unbiased truths. the man who said that was martin luther king jr.. wouldn't objective, unbiased truth be nice right about now and that is the angle. >> is the problem with things that critical race theory that they are peddling, they are basically saying all our institutions are bankrupt and illegitimate so how do you have a society if everything in your societies illegitimate? it is very harmful ideology and i would say a race-based version
12:43 am
of the marxist type ideology. we banned it in our schools and for them we are not going to put any taxpayer dollars to critical race theory and we want to treat people as individuals, not members of groups. laura: the question of our children being taught it is a systemically racist country, the found indictments are imbued with racist ideology, the 1619 project, this is all being force-fed to our kids at the under stages through high school. >> america is the most exceptional nation in the history of the world. we are working on a curriculum program right now to teach kids about the founding documents. constitution, bill of rights, federalist papers so students -- what did make america the greatest nation in the history of the world. >> john from florida has a question about where this mindset begins. >> why is k-12 education
12:44 am
especially in the early to middle grades permitting or enabling socially questionable curriculums the border on experimenting with our kids and infringe on parents and families desire to protect and teach their children the best they can. >> we've got this issue in nebraska with regard to what the state board of education tried to promulgate with regard to health and sex education standards was starting in kindergarten and teaching things that are age inappropriate, things that are not science, things that are politically sensitive but parents should teach, talking in grade school, gender fluidity when kids haven't even reached puberty yet and it is something where we had -- the state board of education doesn't report to me, call them out and it parents engaged and
12:45 am
they had a hearing on it, 60 people showed up to say this is terrible, only 16 people showed up in favor of it, we generated a lot of outcomes by saying this is wrong, you have to contact the state board and change it, it takes parents getting involved and saying enough is enough, we are not going to teach this to our kids, we are not going to sexualize our kids. ashley: laura: true freedom is speaking your mind without fear of getting canceled at your job. red state trailblazers explain how their own states are acting to protect your liberties day in and day out. stay there. believe the future of energy is lower carbon. and to get there, the world needs to reduce global emissions. at chevron, we're taking action. tying our executives' pay to lowering the carbon emissions intensity of our operations. it's tempting to see how far we've come. but it's only human...
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to know how far we have to go.
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♪ ♪ to the oxford dictionary defines liberty as freedom to live without restrictions from the government or authority, red state governors understand the meaning of why it is necessary to have freedom to go to school, to practice your faith, to worship, to choose how you want to act and live. those who espouse those traditional beliefs find themselves the subject of ridicule and cancellation. a lot of people don't want to
12:51 am
talk about my friend's teach or my daughter's codes, people are afraid. >> i've never seen anything like i see now in the climate in this country. all the people watching across the country i say don't be afraid. >> speak out. that's what they are trying to do, shut us down by intimidation and we need to stand up for what is right, stand up for our rights, driving free-speech on campuses, talked about training in iowa and we encourage people to do the right thing and fight back. laura: when you see people get the platform for no reason on big social media companies i go back to the house and senate, they did nothing, they did nothing to rein in big tech, they thought they could cozy up to big tech, get some campaign contributions, that didn't work out well. >> when you see companies like
12:52 am
facebook editing the wall street journal, the wall street journal has been around forever, mainstream kind of news source, right? they should edit the wall street journal? what we have to do is recapture the house and senate and presidency and there have to be regulation on these companies on a federal level because what they are doing is making decisions that impact all of us, they need to be treated more like utilities. laura: charles heart from orlando has a question. >> inc. you for keeping florida 3. [applause] the question i'd like to ask, many people are beginning to believe america is no longer exceptional or great so what can we do to reinvigorate the belief that america is too great for small dreams? >> a great question. i was for disappointed after the
12:53 am
2020 election but i told people when your back is against the wall americans respond and we are responding in the state of florida, not only are people coming from all over the country to live here and visit here, i see correspondence with people in other countries, in europe saying we are not looking for florida as the focal point of the free world because they are suffering under the yoke of lockdowns. we have the ability to lead here, people in florida responded and people throughout the country and very him bleed to see this throughout the world, we are doing it right. all these governors are doing it right and we will have a resurgence of freedom in this country in 2022 is going to be a great year for us. laura: when you look at the economies of all your states, you are not a lot but the same level but freedom does ring through all the difficulty we've lived in and then you hear people have such a negative view
12:54 am
of america whether on the race question or any other question we heard the president talk about last night, kids today, what do they need to learn first and foremost in public schools about this country? >> seems like many people in democrat p not just the far left, many people in the democratic party are putting down america day in and day out, almost as if they want to act as if there is not this thing called the american dream and they are absolutely wrong, america is a great place because anybody regardless of their background has the opportunity to succeed in this country. opportunity is there for any and everyone and i hope the kids in mississippi understand that in kids across america understand that as well. >> final thoughts on all of this when we return.
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memorial day but do it in 3 day. the country seem so bitterly divided it should be the one thing that brings us together, our love of our great nation of all those who sacrificed to keep us great. don't forget to set your dvr for 9:00 pm eastern, you don't want to miss it. greg gutfeld takes it all from here. todd: it is tuesday june 1st, president biden headed to tulsa vowing to root out systemic races my heels of his warning that our democracy is in peril. what should americans make of that? jillian: the uk joining the us calling for a second international investigation into the origins of covid 19. we have a live report from london where experts say a lab leak may not be a conspiracy theory after all.


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